World Environment Day – running and cycling reduces your carbon footprint

As its World Environment Day, we decided to put together a little blog about the environmental benefits of cycling and running. Cars are a huge concern when it comes to pollution, especially in built up cities. Commuting to work by car causes major pollution damage, however, one easy solution is cycling or running to work. Not only is this a healthier choice, but it takes into consideration our poor environment.

green globe

Commuting by foot or bike has gained popularity in recent years. Schemes such as the cycle to work scheme have continued to promote a healthier and more ‘green’ method of transport. As well as helping out keep our environment in top shape, commuting by bike/foot will help reduce oil and gas use – saving yourself money.

So, instead of sitting in traffic during rush hour, why not get out into the fresh air and get the blood pumping? A good workout each day can be achieved from running and cycling, leading to increased fitness, energy levels and improved mental health. If you don’t fancy commuting actively every day, begin with just a few days a week. And if it rains, there is always public transport to fall back on. In fact, even if you just cycle or run to the train/bus station, the environment will benefit as driving a car results in far more pollution.


So on World Environment Day, take a moment to consider the wonderful environment around us. And remember: running and cycling has virtually no carbon footprint whatsoever!

Chris Smith
Founder of Vivi Nation, sports enthusiast, occasional triathlete, keen cyclist and optimistic Liverpool FC fan.

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