Why you should get spinning to stay fit

Indoor cycling has become a staple part of many fitness programs. However, indoor cycling at home is a bit boring… And that’s where spinning comes into its own. 

Spinning provides the perfect motivation, encouragement and energy that riding at home just can’t match. And a good spin trainer can maximise your workout by mixing in endurance, strength and interval training exercises.

Most spin classes feature high-energy music and a stimulating setting. And that’s why it’s the perfect exercise for staying fit, even when the weather isn’t staying sunny.

What is so great about spinning?

  • Spinning is high-intensity and your heart rate will be elevated during intense workout periods to reap cardiovascular benefits (including lowering blood pressure and improving lung capacity). 
  • A stationary spin bike eliminates the risk of falling off – making it perfect for beginners or those wary of busy roads. Spinning indoors also eliminates the chances of bad weather! No excuses this time…
  • High-intensity spinning offers a low-impact workout for those with joint, tendon or ligament pain. 
  • You are in control of the pedal resistance and cadence (speed of turning the pedals), so spinning provides the perfect mix of cardio and muscular workout. Turn up the resistance to build muscle endurance in your legs, which has a positive impact on other active workouts and sports. 
  • Spinning typically burns between 400-700 calories per class. 
  • Regular intense exercise reduces stress and improves mental health. 

Spinning tips

Spinning is high-intensity, so don’t forget to take a towel and plenty of water – always stay hydrated. You will certainly work up quite a sweat!

Although the instructor will tell you what to do, go at your own pace. Don’t try to match other people, and don’t burn yourself out in the first 10 minutes. Every spin class will have a mix of abilities. 

Spinning will push you to your cardiovascular limit. Therefore, you should always ensure you are fit and healthy enough to take part – if you have any doubts about starting a new high-intensity exercise, speak to your doctor. 

Above all, enjoy it! Embrace the pain, thrive to the music and sweat it out! 

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