Why going outside is important during lockdown

There are quite a few reasons why going outdoors is important during lockdown, for both physical and mental health. 

Get the joints moving

Firstly, we will talk about physical health and there are many reasons for that. You do not need to be an athlete and go for a run or a bike ride every day just to get your fresh air. In fact, a simple walk around the block is good enough as this gets the muscles and joints moving like they are used to. It is very important that we do not remain in the same position all day so a walk up and down the street with the dog or even on your own will do you good. 

If you are used to exercising 3-4 times a week with the football team or in your local gym, then you might want to consider running/jogging or even bike rides throughout the week. Maintaining your maximum lung capacity is important when you are not able to train the way you normally do. If you remain sat watching Netflix all day then your fitness is going to plummet massively. 

The importance of the sun

Vitamin D is an important factor for controlling the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body. These are important for keeping your bones strong and your muscles healthy. Obviously, with being limited to how long you can spend outside, it is important you have a Vitamin D3 Supplement of some sort or a multivitamin to make sure that your body is getting all the important nutrients in your body to remain healthy.

Mental health is just as important

Being locked up in your room is probably something a lot of children wanted. Stress-free, playing on their console, avoiding homework. But now as an adult, all we want to do is be outside. That being shopping, having a drink with a few friends or going on holiday. All of those activities that were just mentioned helped everyone forget about their work troubles. It was a chance to relax and is certainly missed. Being stuck inside, in between the same four walls all day is not good for anyone so having an hour outside and getting a bit of fresh is much needed. If you are spoilt with the scenery around your home then go for a long walk trying different routes. Exercise is more than just fitness

Too many benefits to ignore

Hopefully, this article showed you more than just exercise when going outside. There is far more to it than just remaining fit. It will not be long now until we reach normality but it is important that you still explore the big wide world outside for an hour to keep you sane.

Article by Harry Turner.