what's Vivi Nation all about

What’s Vivi Nation all about?

Vivi Nation was created because I want to encourage a healthier and more active nation.

It all began during my time at University…

It was there I developed a passion for cycling and running, having signed up to do a triathlon in a bid to ditch the typically unhealthy Uni lifestyle.

Having successfully completed the triathlon, I got the bug and began looking at other events to fill my fitness calendar. Cycling and running were my two favourite parts of the triathlon, so that’s what I wanted to do more of. However, after asking friends to join me, I quickly realised there are some really common myths about getting involved. I heard the same excuses. ‘I’m too unfit’, ‘it’s too expensive’, ‘I’ll look out of place, I can’t do that’, ‘it’s for elite athletes‘.

It’s all rubbish. And that was the seed that Vivi grew from.

To get involved in cycling and running, you need very little except for a bike (and that doesn’t need to be expensive) and running shoes. And by ‘getting involved’ I’m not talking about doing a triathlon here. I’m talking about simply getting into two extremely accessible types of activity that will make you fitter and healthier.

Vivi Nation was born

So, Vivi Nation was born. And our aim ever since has been to encourage our nation to live a more active, healthier lifestyle. Whatever your goal, whether it’s to run 5k, cycle 100 miles or complete a marathon, everything we do is designed to motivate and encourage participation.

We are an unhealthy, lazy generation of couch potatoes. Our objective is to change that.

We focus mainly on cycling, running and nutrition for that reason. Firstly, cycling and running are two of the most accessible sports available. We want to crush the notion that you need to spend £60 plus on a running top. Or you need to spend a few thousand pounds on a carbon fibre bike. All you need is the desire to get fit and healthy, and I believe cycling and running offer the perfect platform for achieving that. That’s also why our products are always affordable.

Secondly, nutrition is at the very core of a healthy lifestyle. It is exercise and nutrition combined that leads to a healthier lifestyle. So that’s why we offer a range of nutritional fuel boxes to both improve performance and health.

With physical inactivity rising in the UK and subsequent health issues (such as obesity and heart disease) proving a risk, we (as a nation) need to address the lack of exercise and activity we get sooner rather than later.

What’s so good about cycling and running?

For me personally, some of the best things I’ve done have been on a bike or on foot. From finishing that first triathlon (at Blenheim Palace) to completing the Paris to London 24 hour cycle challenge, or taking on the three peaks challenge to leading cycle tours around France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Aside from the health benefits, it has become a way of life for me. The perfect combination of fitness and fun.

About Vivi…

What can I tell you about us? We are a small team of people genuinely passionate about encouraging the nation to get active and healthy. We want to see people treat their bodies well and get healthy for the right reasons. And we especially want to motivate those who are struggling to start, simply begin.

Vivi was designed to motivate and inspire, covering the full fitness journey from getting started to fueling your body with the right foods.

Our name speaks for itself. Vivi, meaning ‘alive’ in Latin, is all about inspiring a healthier lifestyle.

Chris Smith
Founder of Vivi Nation, sports enthusiast, occasional triathlete, keen cyclist and optimistic Liverpool FC fan.

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