run in the cold

What to wear running in the cold?

Running in the cold is a daunting prospect. But no worries, we’ve got you covered.

Wearing the right clothing for various weather conditions when running is vital. You need to make sure your body temperature is optimal – don’t over-dress in the cold as your body will heat up quickly and don’t under-dress as your body cools down quickly.

The good news is you can use this blog as a guide on what to wear, no matter the weather.

what to wear running in the cold

What clothing do you need? 

  • A base layer (vital to keep you warm and move sweat away from your body) – leggings and a long-sleeve top
  • Running leggings (leggings with pockets are useful to put your keys in)
  • Long sleeve top (important for keeping your body temperature right)
  • Running top to put over your base layer
  • Running gloves
  • A running cap or headband
  • A windproof running jacket – in the winter it is important to ensure your jacket is waterproof too
  • Running socks
  • Running trainers

How many layers do you need?

If it’s really warm weather: sleeveless top/short sleeve sweat-wicking top and shorts.

If it’s moderate weather: short sleeve top and shorts.

If it’s cold weather: long sleeve base layer, short sleeve top, shorts or running tights, gloves (optional), hat/headband to cover ears (optional).

If it’s freezing weather: long sleeve base layer, short sleeve top, running leggings, shorts, gloves, hat/headband to cover ears, windbroof jacket.

Reminder – Really cold temperatures can increase the chances of some health conditions, so use your head and make the call if it’s best to run outside or hit the treadmill instead.

Also, it’s always wise to bring a change of dry clothes to put on as soon as you finish your run or to jump into a warm shower if readily available.

Finally – don’t forget to stretch! The cold will make your muscles tighten quicker than normal.

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