Vivi Versus – Who is your sporting inspiration?

With so many famous sports stars to choose from, from tennis players to footballers to athletes, the Vivi team tackle the question of who is their biggest sporting inspiration.

Tom VergheseSachin Tendulkar. The Little Master is arguably the greatest cricketer of all time. Having been a cricket player for all of my junior years, and with one side of my family being Indian cricket fanatics, he’s the obvious choice for me. His career statistics are sensational, including 15,921 test runs scored.

Chris SmithLionel Messi. Put simply, he is a joy to watch. With football being my favourite sport, having grown up spending countless weekends and evenings playing, Messi really is a magician with the ball at his feet. Often compared to Cristiano Ronaldo for his goalscoring prowess, for me there is little comparison. Ronaldo is a goalscoring machine, Messi is far more than just goals. Whilst others are probably a strong argument for best player ever, none have been as prominent in my lifetime, and in a time where I believe the game is faster and better than it used to be it makes the Argentinian an easy choice. If I could watch any single sportsmen play their profession for a full day, he would be the person I would choose.

Sam JonesLance Armstrong. Drugs or not, the man was a machine. He doped, but all of his competitors were also doing it – I am not condoning doping though. Doping or not, he was still smashing out wins, being an incredible athlete. People forget that he wasn’t the only one doping. It wasn’t a clean sport, period. To go through cancer and come back and keep winning is a testament to his mental strength and physical ability. Cycling back then was strife with doping, so he was doing what everyone did (regardless of the way he went about his). Despite the controversy surrounding him, he created and raised money for one of the most influential cancer charities in the world. As controversial as Lance Armstrong is as a sportsman, he created one of the most iconic and inspiring charity campaigns that has ever been created.

Dan Casey – My sporting inspiration has to be my old man. He played to a high level of rugby and dedicated countless hours to developing me, hardly missed a minute of me playing – home and away – and without his input and advice I’d never have got to where I was. A supportive family is key to inspiring sport and activity.

Have someone different in mind? Tell us who your sporting inspiration is and why…

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