Vivi Versus – What is your favourite sporting moment of all time?

Ever since the creation of professional sport, there have been numerous moments that stand out. Not only are these moments merely sporting memories, they can even become cultural events. Here, the Vivi team tell us their favourite sporting moment of all time. Watch them and tell us your best memory if you think differently!

Tom Verghese – Having grown up in a sport adoring family, most of these memories relate to moments shared with family. Being a Liverpool FC supporter with a scouse mother, the obvious choice would be Liverpool winning the Champions League in 2005. However, I wanted to give an answer relating to one specific momentary emotion rather than the sporting journey which that win encompassed. There are two moments which really stand out for me. The first was at the 1998 World Cup when an 18 year old Michael Owen scored against Argentina. The goal itself, the jubilation and the commentary all still send shivers down my spine. The being said, my favourite sporting moment for the reason I initially alluded to would have to be when Jonny Wilkinson drop-kicked us to World Cup victory in 2003.

Chris Smith – Team GB winning the 4x100m relay final at the Athens Olympics in 2004. The relay has always been my favourite track event and when Team GB surprisingly beat the favourites, USA, I can honestly say it was the most ‘pumped’ I have been watching a sporting event on TV. For those who don’t remember, it came from nowhere. A truly inspirational performance from Mark Lewis-Francis, Marlon Devonish, Darren Campbell and Jason Gardner. Mark Lewis-Francis holding off the incredible, and then 100m sprint WR holder, Maurice Green in the final 100m is by far the highlight, winning by an incredibly close 100th of a second!

Sam Jones – Kelly Holmes winning two gold medals in Athens. First of all in the 800m, winning against the odds. Upon finishing, her face a picture of surprise and Sally Gunnell famously saying, “You’ve finally done it girl”.  For me, the 1500m race was even better. Holmes started at the back of the pack, biding her time for what seemed an age. Eventually, when she started to crank up the gears, she began to make her move. After being what seemed like an age behind, her acceleration was truly stunning! Despite being bumped on the final bend she entered the home straight in third place. With the finish line in sight there was a sense that she had gone off too early, however the look of determination on her face was something I will never forget. She won in a British record time. What an amazing performance from a true sporting legend.

Dan Casey – For entertainment value, Liverpool winning the 2005 UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul. Fan or not, you can’t help but smile when you watch a ten-minute highlight reel of that game. Football at its best.

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