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Vivi Versus – does their favourite way to get fit

Three of the Vivi guys discuss their favourite way to get fit:

Tom Verghese – 5 aside football, hands down. Chasing a ball for 40 minutes really gets your lungs burning, especially on contained pitches where the ball doesn’t go out of play. It’s not dissimilar to high intensity interval training if you were to liken it to aerobic gym work, with bursts of sprinting and short recovery intervals.

Tom Foster – a sports challenge event. Having something to aim for, whether it is a running event, cycling event, or mixed discipline event is great for motivation – which is essential when getting fit. Having completed a number of sports events previously, my favourite way by far to get fit is to have a target to aim for and work towards.

Chris Smith – cycling. You can’t beat a good old cycle to get fit – it’s cheap (apart from the initial cost of the bike), gets you outside, and its remarkable how much distance you can cover on a bike. Cycling is also great socially!

Sam Jones – cycling is my favourite way to get fit. Once you have a bike you can go anywhere with it. Whether you want to commute to work or go on a leisurely cycle, it is easy to tie into your day-to-day.

For more information on some of the cycling that Vivi Nation have completed, read about our tour of Northern France here, and our tour of the Netherlands here.

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