What types of cycling are there?

Recently, the British Cycling Organisation in partnership with HSBC UK hosted a mega-recreational cycling program with more than 200,000 participants. The massive city ride visited 14 cities in the UK. 

Cycling in the UK has over the years become a popular sport, hobby, and physical health exercise. It’s also become one of the most popular sports to watch following British cycling success in the Olympics and professional cycling World Tour.

If you want to join the revolution and get involved in cycling, there are dozens of different types of cycling categories you can try. Here are the most popular ones:

Road Cycling

Road cycling is an everyday activity across the UK. Road cycling includes individual, recreational cycling for exercise and health benefits, cycling as a hobby, cycling to work, or team competitions. There are lots of ‘sportives’ (road races) readily available for more challenging road cycling.

Mountain Biking

This type of cycling is considered as the most adventurous, especially for those who love the great outdoors and off-road scenery, away from the city’s bustle and hustle. Shady forest conditions with muddy paths present a lovable challenge which makes it fun to summit the mountain. A good bike is a must for mountain cycling though, so if you’re not sure your current ride can take it, best look up some bike vendors and get yourself a real mountain bicycle. Mountain biking consists of multiple categories – cross-country cycling, trail riding, dirt jumping, downhill and more. 

Track Cycling

Track cycling is a competitive cycling event which is usually held on specially built velodromes (banked tracks). In the UK, it is often a professional six-day event that mainly involves two-men teams consisting of track specialists and road racers, and individual track specialists. The event has many categories ranging from sprints and team pursuits to mass start race cycling. A unique fact about track cycling is that the type of bicycle used has no breaks or freewheels. If you want to try track cycling, you can follow in the footsteps of Team GB great’s like Sir Chris Hoy, Laura Kenny and Bradley Wiggins and do a track taster session at the London Velodrome (the venue of the London Olympics 2012). 

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) Cycling

This is an off-road recreational racing event which is usually done on a pre-set track and involves stunts. The single geared bikes used are traditionally customised to race through rough terrain, mud, and dirt. It’s one of the most technical forms of cycling and requires strength, bravery and tactical ability. If you want to get involved, check out British Cycling’s info here

The beauty of cycling

Cycling offers a beautiful experience which favours all genders and doesn’t discriminate on age. In the UK, one can easily own a bike. You don’t necessarily need to participate in events. You can cycle as a hobby, for health benefits, or simply to avoid the congestion in town saving fuel.

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