The Vivi Nation Podcast – Ultra running diaries: Part 4

In part 4 of the Ultra running diaries, the series where we share our journey scaling from 10k fitness to 100k ultra, we discuss using events for training, the importance of recovery – before, during and after the run – and the lifestyle challenges of an 8-month training plan.

Events are back and our first race in over a year was a half marathon at Eton Dorney. We chat about the race experience and how events provide the perfect short-term goals for training, but also the perils of getting carried away and running events differently from training runs. With life often getting in the way, we also cover the difficulties of juggling full-time work with parenting, as well as the impact of socialising and fitting training into a busy week.

Finally, we talk about the recovery strategies we have tried to avoid injury and improve performance, and why recovery should be as important as actually running.

You know you’ll have to run a lot to do an ultra, but do you know you need to rest a lot?

Ultra running diaries: Part 4

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