The Vivi Nation Podcast – #18: Preparing to fail and failing to prepare

The Vivi team reminisce on some of the mistakes we’ve made in our many adventures and share some advice on how to prepare for them. Basically, we share some amusing anecdotal stories and laugh at our misfortunes, as well as discuss the concepts of ‘complete don’t compete’ and ‘learning by doing’. 

Preparing to fail and failing to prepare

What have we learnt from our failings?

  1. Anticipate failings – i.e. know how to do basic bike mechanics
  2. Don’t be afraid to do things without ‘all the knowledge’ – the first time you do something is rarely the best time, but it’s usually the most memorable
  3. The right equipment makes everything easier – whether that is proper running shoes, cycling equipment or hiking gear
  4. Respect the challenge – don’t underestimate the miles or the mountain

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