The magic of the great outdoors

The feeling of fresh air in your lungs, energy in your legs and dreams whirling around your brain is a beautiful thing. For me, that happens most when I’m exploring. Outdoors, being active. 

Our body and mind is capable of great things. It’s a shame that sometimes we forget what amazing creatures we are. And what amazing things we can do. 

Hiking in Santorini

Living in London, it’s not always easy to escape into the country. But when I can, it’s my favourite thing. Escaping hectic urban life and swapping it for the beauty of nature and the great outdoors is a magical feeling. And I’ve been lucky enough to experience some breathtaking places so far.

While city life certainly has its perks, it’s when I’m away from the bright lights exploring that I feel truly alive. Whether that’s hiking a mountain, exploring remote places or simply going for a long walk in the countryside, my mental health is better, I feel more energised, and I dream bigger.

I dream of achieving something amazing. It’s in those moments I feel my best, and think about what I am capable of.

Santorini’s epic coastline

I’m an individual obsessed with doing something special. For example, while I’ll probably never summit it, I often dream of Everest. The thought of seeing its sheer beauty with my own eyes and standing on top of the world tempts me. Basically, I dream of challenging myself. And in pursuing that dream I have learnt that I need goals to hold myself accountable.

I am, however, guilty of constantly thinking of ‘things’ to tick off my list. I think that can actually be a quite unhealthy mindset. Sometimes it’s good to just be in the moment. Not thinking about ‘what next’.

The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland

If you don’t understand yourself, and what you truly want, there will never be an end. A never-ending circle of striving to better yourself.

Cycling at Box Hill

I speak to people all the time about purpose. They don’t want to live for the 9-5. Or they feel stuck in their office jobs. They see social media influencers constantly exercising, on holiday or out partying with friends. For me, the only purpose is happiness. Living life to my full potential.

In the clouds at Madeira

I want to explore, I want to achieve things. I want to see the best the world has to offer.

From climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town to completing the National Three Peaks Challenge in the UK, they are the times to be alive. And they are the times to truly appreciate the great outdoors and its magic.

When I need a break from the stress of everyday working life, I think about nature, I picture mountains and I dream of seeing new places.


I am a storyteller at heart. I’ve always wanted to write a novel, I created Vivi to share a story, and I am curious about what the world has to offer. To date, I feel like Vivi has only finished its first chapter, and I’m very excited to see what the next few years hold for myself and everyone involved in the community and brand. We have more stories to hear and tell.


When I was younger, I didn’t think much about the great outdoors. I didn’t dream of conquering mountains or cycling across Europe. I was busy playing sports or playing computer games. Today, however, regular people who do astonishing things are my heroes. I watch a marathon on TV and all I feel is the sense to do a challenge myself. To push my limits. I watch a TED talk about hiking Everest, and all I can think about is what mountain is next for me.

As I’ve got older, I’ve learnt more about the world we live in. About nature, about life, about the environment. And the more I’ve learnt, the more I appreciate it. The more I am in nature, outdoors, being active, the clearer I think. The better I operate. The more I believe in myself.

Being outdoors fulfils my very being. It inspires me. It fills me with wonder.


That’s the real magic of the great outdoors. It’s overwhelming sense of purpose. So, next time you are somewhere that takes your breath away, take a deep breath, soak in it, and feel the magic wash over you.

Clearwater Beach at night

The great outdoors is magical. It’s there to be explored.

Chris Smith
Founder of Vivi Nation, sports enthusiast, occasional triathlete, keen cyclist and optimistic Liverpool FC fan.

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