The impact of a healthy and active lifestyle on happiness

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Have you ever heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”?  There is a reason for this, happiness and health are connected and a person’s level of happiness can impact the level of their health! As it’s International Happiness Day today, here we discuss the benefits a healthy and active lifestyle has for happiness.

There is evidence that unhappiness, depression, anxiety and stress are linked to poor health and that happy people have stronger immune systems, meaning they are less likely to suffer with those horrible cold and flu viruses. Additionally, happy people generally have younger hearts and seem to recover more quickly from surgery. They cope better with pain, have lower blood pressure and have a longer life expectancy that those people that are unhappy! Sounds great doesn’t it….

Not only does happiness have a big impact on your health, but it enables you to look after your health a lot better as well. With high levels of happiness comes greater motivation, ambition and productivity. The result on this could be an improvement in physical activity – a big player in a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only does being active have a positive impact on your aerobic and physical self, it also has plenty of mental health benefits: integral to happiness.

Unfortunately, however, you cannot predict what will make you happy. Everyone surely wants to be happy, right? So the main question is how we can learn?

Losing weight: Even if it’s only a few pounds, weight loss is a proven factor when it comes to happiness. Once at a happy and healthy weight it is important to then maintain your weight goals by incorporating (or continuing) exercise into your weekly or daily routine.

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Eating a balanced diet will play an important role in maintaining your weight goal, and ultimately keep you happy. Add lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, replace fizzy drinks with water, resist sugary snacks, and cut down on ‘bad’ carbs. Not convinced, read why you should eat healthy here.

Other simple ways to keep yourself happy are to keep laughing, surround yourself with people that make you smile.  Drink moderately and for those of you that smoke – try to quit.

Remember, exercising to keep yourself happy and healthy does not have to mean you spend hours in the gym. Daily walks, jogging, lots of housework, walking up stairs rather than taking lifts, taking the kids to the park are all simple things that we can fit into our daily routines if we want to. Why not try changing your commute from sitting on a train to cycling?

If you think you are suffering from a mood disorder then pay your doctor a visit who will be able to help you.

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