Simple ways to give your metabolism a boost

We all have a metabolism, and it is used to describe all of the chemical reactions that occur in the human body. Although a ‘chemical reaction’ could sound a little painful, it is nothing like a chemistry experiment! They are completely natural, and it is the little reactions that occur each day that help our bodies to be able to function normally, and that keeps us alive. 

There is another word that you are likely to hear when talking about health and the human body, and that is metabolic rate, which is all about the calories that you burn. The higher that your metabolic rate is, the more calories that you will burn when you’re just sitting still (as well as when you’re exercising). So the higher the rate, the simpler it is to lose weight and to be able to keep the weight off (or to maintain a healthy weight). When you have a higher metabolism, it helps to give you the energy that you need for each day, and it can just generally help you to feel better and less sluggish. When you are wanting to be fitter and healthier, this is going to be such a good thing as a high metabolism is much more conducive to good health.

So with that in mind, you probably want to know some things that can help you to boost your metabolism. There are plenty of natural options, as well as looking to buy something like Orlistat online. It can help with weight loss, which, if you have a high BMI, could be something to get things started. For anything else, here are some of the things that you can be doing to make sure that your metabolism is where it should be, and to give your metabolism a boost.

Eat Plenty of Protein at Every Meal

When you eat food, it helps to increase the rate of your metabolism, at least for a couple of hours. For a scientific name, it is called TEF, or the thermic effect of food. How it works is that it means that the extra calories that are needed to be able to digest your food, absorb the nutrients and goodness from the food, and then process it all, after eating something, are what cause the increase. 

One of the foods that we need to eat as part of a healthy diet anyway, should be protein, as it has been found to cause the highest rate of increase in TEF after eating food. This means that all of the meals that you have need to have plenty of protein in them, if you want to speed up your metabolism, and want to absorb the nutrients from the food quicker. If it is just a meal full of carbohydrates or fats, then the rate will be much lower. Having a lot of protein in your diet can also help to keep you fuller for longer, which can be a good thing when you’re looking to lose weight or to maintain weight. 

Drink Cold Water

Drinking water is something that we all need to be doing, and making sure that we drink plenty of it each day. You are much more likely to lose weight when you drink a lot of water, and keep it all off. If you choose to have drinks with a lot of sugar in them instead, then it means drinking a lot of empty calories. If you need any more reason to drink more water, then it can also help to temporarily increase your metabolism. 

Various studies have looked into it and found that when you drink half a liter of water, it can increase your metabolism by up to 30% for around an hour. This can be great for burning calories, as well as helping to keep you hydrated. Cold water is the preferences, as your body will use some of its energy in order to heat the water up to body temperature. So it is an easy win. Water can be filling too, so if you’re trying to cut down on how much you snack, for example, then making sure that you are properly hydrated is a must. 

Lift Weights

There is a simple fact that the more muscle that you have, the more that your metabolism will increase, especially compared to fat. So that means if you regularly exercise with weights, you will burn more calories in your sleep, than someone who doesn’t and is lacking muscle. Incorporating weights into your workout routine helps you to keep the muscle that you have too, so there will not be a drop in metabolism that can happen when you try to lose weight. You don’t need to be bodybuilding standard or anything like that. Just little and often will build up strength and muscle tone, helping your metabolism. 

High-Intensity Workouts

If you want another way to workout, then doing HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, as it is known, could be a good option. It is all about some intense and quick little bursts of movement and activity. These help to burn calories, burn fat, and also increase your metabolic rate. This will also carry on, even after you have exercised, which is why it can be a good option.

Drink Green Tea

There are many benefits of drinking green tea, and a little known fact about them is that drinking green tea can help to increase your metabolism, by a few percent. How they work is that they help to convert some fat that is stored in your body, into fatty acids. These then help to increase how much fat you burn by over 10%. Green tea is also another way to help you to stay hydrated, but as it is a drink that is low in calories, it is a great option for those looking to maintain a healthy weight, or lose weight, rather than reaching for a sugary soda. 

Eat Spicy Foods

Spicy foods aren’t going to be on the top of everyone’s list. However, if you are a fan, then it can have a great impact on your metabolism. Peppers contain something called capsaicin, which is a substance that helps to give your metabolism a boost. If you aren’t someone that can stand a lot of spices, then you may not be able to have the right amount to make a difference, so this probably works best if you are already a fan of spicy food.

Choose Coconut Oil Over Other Cooking Oils

There are a lot of oils and fats that we can use in cooking and baking, but coconut oil is one that is quite high in medium-chain fats, which is unlike a lot of other saturated fats. Medium-chain fats in your diet have been shown to help with an increase in your metabolism, much more than longer chain fats that you would find in something like olive oil or butter. So as coconut oil is quite unique with the properties that it has, if you were to switch your cooking oils to coconut oils, then it can be a good aid for weight loss. 

As you can see, some simple switches can really make a difference. The higher your metabolism, the more weight you can keep off, or lose, if that is what you are looking to do. You can also have more energy with a higher metabolism, so for a healthy and active lifestyle, looking to make some changes like these mentioned, can be a really good thing.