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Q&A: Triathlons and events with Emily Young

In our latest Q&A, Emily Young joins us to talk Kona, fitness events and being sporty. Emily runs a blog called Emily’s Journal and we first came across her on her Instagram page @emilys_journal. She regularly posts about general fitness, triathlon training, cycling, nutrition and more.

The interview:

Hi Emily, we’ve followed your journey for a long time now so great to have you on the blog! What should we know about you before we start?

I haven’t always been sporty – quite the opposite! I was a really un-sporty girl growing up and didn’t start exercising until I turned 19. 

So how did you start, and why do you love being active and exercising?

I feel like exercise is what keeps me sane! Nothing makes me feel better after a challenging day quite like a good workout does. I’m a big over-thinker and someone who worries/stresses quite a bit, and exercise really helps me to manage those feelings. I got started by just going for the odd run with my Dad – it quickly escalated when I went to watch him do an Ironman… that gave me the bug!

Your list of completed events is amazing and you most recently did Kona, one of the most iconic Ironman events around. Tell us about your best experiences?

Kona has definitely been the absolute highlight event for me – I’m not sure anything will ever top it! It was absolutely incredible to feel the energy of the island for such a special event, and to be there with some of the best athletes, it really was a dream come true! 

My first marathon in Gran Canaria is still up there with one of my best experiences too – there’s nothing quite like your first event! 

When it comes to being active, what motivates and inspires you – especially when it comes to endurance events?

I’m painfully stubborn so I think the thought of giving up never really crosses my mind! I know I always feel so great when I’ve worked my hardest in a race, or got the most out of my training session… that generally keeps me going.

How much preparation goes into getting ready for your next event? What does your training look like?

My next event is totally new territory for me. I’m getting ready for my first ultra which will be 55 miles of trails with a lot of climbing. I’m working with my coach again for this event, so I will have a lot of good guidance on mileage and intensity… and I will keep up a specific s&c programme with 2-3 sessions per week to lower the risk of injury. 

Despite it being a running event, I will still be incorporating some swimming and biking into the mix.

What are your plans for the future?

I can’t see me giving up endurance sports anytime soon, and will no doubt still be doing Ironman races into my old age! I’m interested to see how I find my first ultra. I have a feeling I will enjoy it, and possibly take up some mountain running. 

I basically just want to be healthy and fit long into my old age, so I can still keep doing all these crazy things which I enjoy! 

What does a ‘healthy lifestyle’ mean to you?

A healthy lifestyle for me means staying fit enough to do the sports that I love, having a great balance and social life alongside a busy training schedule!

Thanks for joining us Emily.

You can check out Emily’s Kona experience below and follow Emily on her Instagram page here.

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