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If you want the best nutritional products delivered straight to your door, without moving a muscle, check out our subscription box range.


Check out the latest, stylish, Vivi cycling kit, available to buy individually or as part of our cycling gift box. We also offer bespoke cycling tours!


Why not run in style. Vivi sportswear offers comfort, performance and design. Look great, feel great. The great outdoors is there to be explored.

About Us

Vivi Nation is passionate about healthy living and active lifestyles. We want to encourage people, all people, to live a sweaty, nutritious and active life.

Because as a society, we are less active than ever before. It is estimated two-thirds of Brits will be obese or overweight by 2025. That’s why we want to use cycling and running, two accessible sports, as a way to inspire our nation to get fit and active.  

Our Latest Posts

What to wear running in the cold?

Running in the cold is a daunting prospect. But no worries, we've got you covered. Wearing the right clothing for various weather conditions when running is vital. You need to make sure your body temperature is optimal - don't over-dress in the cold as your body will...

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Vivi Stories: Nicola Meighan

‘Vivi Stories’ is a series of inspiring tales, thoughts, tips and tricks from real people. From running marathons to cycling 500 miles across Europe, find out what drives people to get fit and what experiences have been the best. Here, we ask our very own Nicola...

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Fitness goals: why are they important?

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, having fitness goals and targets to aim towards when exercising is vital. For anyone looking to get fit or lead a healthier lifestyle the first thing I would advise would be to set themselves a goal or a target and work...

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