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If you want the best nutritional products delivered straight to your door, without moving a muscle, check out our subscription box range.


Check out the latest, stylish, Vivi cycling kit, available to buy individually or as part of our cycling gift box. We also offer bespoke cycling tours!


Why not run in style. Vivi sportswear offers comfort, performance and design. Look great, feel great. The great outdoors is there to be explored.

About Us

Vivi Nation is passionate about healthy living and active lifestyles. We want to encourage people, all people, to live a sweaty, nutritious and active life.

Because as a society, we are less active than ever before. It is estimated two-thirds of Brits will be obese or overweight by 2025. That’s why we want to use cycling and running, two accessible sports, as a way to inspire our nation to get fit and active.  

Our Latest Posts

My marathon training journey – part 1

I'll start this by saying I am not a natural runner. I never have been. My knees hurt when I run and I get lower back pain. Cycling has always been my preference, and before signing up for my first marathon, the furthest I'd ever run in one go was 7.5k (the first part...

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5 benefits of cycling to convince you to start

Cycling has a lot of wide-ranging benefits, from escaping bad traffic to saving money you would have spent on fuel. If you aren't sure whether you should get into cycling, here are five more benefits of cycling that will convince you to get on a bike.  Boosts energy...

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What’s Vivi Nation all about?

Vivi Nation was created because I want to encourage a healthier and more active nation. It all began during my time at University… It was there I developed a passion for cycling and running, having signed up to do a triathlon in a bid to ditch the typically unhealthy...

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