Natural remedies for chronic pain

Having chronic pain can be hard can make your quality of life that much harder. It can make things like work, spending time with your children and friends really difficult. Since chronic pain is defined as pain longer than three months despite receiving treatment, your body may not be used to turning off the pain messages to your brain even when the source of that pain is no longer there. Chronic pain is usually paired with conditions like arthritis, sprains and other injuries. You can treat these types of pain with medications, but there are some natural ways that can remedy your chronic pain.

Get Some Exercise

You can improve your pain condition by maintaining an excellent aerobic condition. This is because the body creates its own type of “painkillers” like endorphins, that increase your pain threshold. When hormones interact with your brain receptor, it can change your perception of pain. If your pain is too intense for exercise, consider starting out slow instead of going all in all at once. You could also slowly introduce your body to exercise by doing it in a small burst of activity and build up from there.

Fish Oil

As you know inflammation plays a huge part in pain. This natural product has anti-inflammatory properties which can improve your chronic pain. Studies have shown that those that take fish oil have reduced their neck or back pain without the use of prescription painkillers.


Tumeric is a powerhouse natural product that treats many things, including pain. Researchers who tested a combination of turmeric and other things on people that suffered from osteoarthritis pain found that it offered noticeable pain relief.


This can be found in things like red wine, grapes and berries. It has many benefits as it has anti-cancer properties, protects the brain and can even prolong your life. This substance works on a cellular level in order to reduce your chronic pain.


Research has shown that CBD oil interacts with a core component of the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain as well as your immune system. These receptors control many things CBD can produce different stimuli that can help my cells respond, creating anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects with little side effects. CBD products for optimum wellness include things like oil and topical lotions.

Heat Therapy

Applying a little heat to an area that is experiencing an incredible amount of pain can do wonders on pain relief. You can also use cold therapy. It achieves the same thing. The whole idea is to decrease inflammation locally. When you have a severe injury, you want to put ice on it as soon as possible as it will increase blood flow and increase the swelling. On the other hand,  when you are having something like muscle spasms, you want to apply heat whether you take a long show or place a heating pad on the area. This will help you massage the area, making the pain settle.