National Fitness Day

Why we support National Fitness Day 2015?

The UK’s National Fitness Day, by UK Active, is all about celebrating and encouraging physical activity – something we at Vivi Nation truly believe in. With the ultimate aim of becoming the most active day of the year, here is what it is about and why we support it.

What is National Fitness Day all about?

UK Active will be offering free events and classes, alongside taster sessions in venues all over the UK today in order to encourage the British public to get active. Their aim is to promote a fun and fitness filled day, the most active day of the year, working alongside numerous partners, charities, schools and businesses. Whilst the day aims to get people participating in physical activities, the ongoing aim is to inspire people to become regularly active – not just today.

Vivi member, Tom Verghese, says, “Encouraging the UK public to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle is the lifeblood of our company. National Fitness Day is a fantastic opportunity to promote a fun, healthy, happy and fit lifestyle.”

Founder, Chris Smith, added, “We are proud to be supporting National Fitness Day. Our business exists to show people that sport, exercise and physical activity is both great fun and beneficial for health. The National¬†Fitness Day messaging resonates strongly with us here at Vivi Nation. Our ethos, our beliefs, and our vision are closely linked to inspiring the UK to get fit and active. Our business exists to promote a healthier Britain, and physical activity is at the core of our business model.

“We run sports events, to give people a target to aim towards and to increase participation levels in sport and exercise. Our events and products are designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities, accessible, cost-effective, and aimed at people wanting to get active as well as those who already are. We want to help people reach their goals, and smash them. It truly is amazing what the body can achieve when having fun, being motivated, and working hard.”

Vivi believes in the unrivalled power of sport and exercise Рits ability to inspire, motivate, educate and prompt positive change Рnot to mention the long-term health benefits, both physically and mentally.

Check out to learn more, and visit our about us page and shop for more information about what we do. So get active and take part in National Fitness Day today, we will be!

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