Fitness goals

Fitness goals: why are they important?

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, having fitness goals and targets to aim towards when exercising is vital. For anyone looking to get fit or lead a healthier lifestyle the first thing I would advise would be to set themselves a goal or a target and work backwards from the end result.

The best way to start is to set your overall fitness goals by thinking about what you want to ultimately achieve. From there set yourself targets focused on how you are going to achieve these goals. This will give you a lot more structure and purpose when trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and prevents time wasted spent wandering around the gym trying to decide what to do next. An example of goal and target setting could be:


In two months time be able to run 5k in 30 minutes.


  1. Training: Week 1 – Run x amount of times covering a certain distance, Week 2 – Run x amount of times… (Remember progression is important! Build your distance and time spent running gradually to prevent injury).
  2. Time: Monitor this and set yourself a time you want to complete the distance in. This will increase motivation and gives you a real view on how you are doing.

These are very basic targets and the easiest to use if you are just setting out on your journey to get fitter and healthier.

Targeting a sports event as one of your fitness goals

In my opinion, the best goal you can set yourself is a sporting event. Whether it’s a run, cycle, triathlon or swimming based event the feeling of completing that event in the time you set yourself vastly outweighs that of seeing the number on the scales slowly decrease.

Including the successful completion of a sporting event as one of your fitness goals allows you to have adaptable targets. You may set yourself a time to aim for or may already have a personal best you want to beat. You may just want to take part with friends and be in good enough shape to enjoy the event with them. Whatever your aim, the important part is that you can make them applicable to you (and, of course, realistic – there is no point setting targets that aren’t achievable).

I would also highly recommend training and taking part in the event with a friend or group of friends. There is no amount of motivational playlists that can make up for having a training partner. There will always be a day when you want to say no and that is when you need them; it also works both ways! You may want to make it competitive or you may want to cross the line together and celebrate what you have achieved.

Another benefit of completing a sporting event is that you get a medal! As simple as it sounds, getting a medal makes you feel good – it is a symbol of achievement. It is a physical reward and that coupled with the feeling of crossing the finishing line after months of hard work will leave you wanting more.

You can celebrate your achievement with friends and family, on social media, and even link the event to fundraising for a charity. Aiming for a sporting event gives you so many options and prevents a loss of interest as there is a final target. I will be the first to admit that going to the gym 3-4 times a week gets boring, you need variety.

All of us at Vivi Nation love completing sporting events together; we have been taking part in them since University and have some great memories. If this has convinced you to include a sporting event as one of your fitness goals, look no further! Get in touch to find out our top picks.

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