How to keep clothes fresh after exercise

So, you’ve done your dose of exercise, only to be faced with what feels like a whole new workout trying to get your clothes smelling fresh again! Have a look at these key steps for keeping your gym gear and exercise garms smelling good and ready for use again.

1. Wash them as soon as you can

It might feel like a step too far after getting back from a run or completing a particularly gruelling HIIT session or workout challenge, but really sweaty clothes have to be addressed as soon as possible, especially if they’re wet to the touch. The sooner the better. Get them in the machine as soon as you can and remember to follow the washing instructions on the label to best preserve the quality of your workout gear.

2. Use a clothes airer or hang clothes outside after use

If you didn’t sweat as much and you’re planning on wearing the same kit more than once, hanging it up outside in the fresh air is a great way to keep them dry and smelling good. No access to outside space? Not a problem! Follow the label and avoid putting your kit in the tumble dryer. A clothes airer in a warm and dry spot will do just as good. If it’s near a window, then even better. Whatever you do, don’t leave them to smell in a pile on the floor!

3. Don’t hang around in them!

Sometimes, it can feel like an extra hassle to pack a fresh pair of clothes in your gym bag for after your workout, or to get changed into a fresh set of clothes after a long run, but it’s essential! Limit hanging around in sweaty kit that harbours bacteria. Organise to have some comfy clothes to change into after showering, using efficient products and fabric perfume to smell and feel fresh after your workout.

4. Put your workout gear in the freezer

Hear us out… If you’re hard pushed for time, pop your kit into a bag and store it in the freezer overnight! The freezing temperatures are purported to help eliminate bacteria and odour from spreading on your clothes, and it’s a great make-do method before you get around to giving them a proper wash.

5. Use homemade hacks

Household hacks such as lemon juice and baking soda can also help keep things fresh without using products potentially harmful for your gym gear. Both lemon juice and baking soda can help get rid of bad-smelling odours. A squeeze and a sprinkle in each wash should help achieve results. Remember to check the labels on your clothing before washing on high temperatures and avoid using the tumble dryer.

Use these 5 ideas to stay on top of looking after your workout gear, for clothes that feel as energised as you do!