How to get up and get active when you work from home

Let’s face it: The multiple lockdowns in the UK have become a drag. In the beginning, all those work meetings from home were interesting and fun because you could avoid a commute, keep others safe, and even come to the gathering in your pyjamas (with an interesting background, of course). But now, more than a year later since the start of the first lockdown, those work gatherings and endless remote meetings have become less interesting and the dullness of working from home has set in for many.

Working from home offers plenty of benefits – daytime PJs, cosy surroundings, convenience, and so on. But the transition from office life to home working isn’t without cost. Gallup research indicates that some remote workers report increased depression and loneliness, and find it difficult to stay physically active without the habits they’ve cultivated over years of in-person work.

The thing is, staying active and physically healthy is linked with good work performance. The increase in endorphins from exercise helps productivity and overall wellbeing. While failure to keep active leads to higher levels of stress and anxiety, as well as feeling lazy and sluggish.

So, if you are feeling like you’re less active than you used to be, below are some ideas to keep active when working from home, covering why it’s important to remain active, how to set yourself up for success, and how to squeeze exercise into your working day. You can also read our ultimate guide to healthy home working here.