How strength training boosts your health and fitness

When it comes to your health and your fitness, are you including strength training as part of your routine? Strength training can benefit your heart, help to improve your balance, strengthen your body and bones, as well as help you to lose weight. It can make you look better and feel better, so why not add it into what you are doing?

Strength training, which can be known as resistance training, is designed to improve your muscle fitness because you exercise a specific muscle or group of muscles, against an external weight or resistance. You can use weight machines, resistance bands, free weights, and your own body weight, and they can all make a difference. So how can it help you? Here are some of the reasons why you should make sure that you include it in your exercise routine.

Strength training makes you stronger and fitter

This is a pretty obvious benefit, but it is important and not one to get overlooked. Muscle strength is something that is important and makes all of the things that you do in life much easier. When you get older, having some muscle strength will be such a good thing and really help. Strength training can get called resistance training because it means strengthening and toning muscles. 

Strength training helps bones and muscle mass

As we age, we start to lose a little muscle mass year on year. The good news is that just thirty minutes of strength training, twice a week, has been shown to improve muscle mass, as well as bone density and strength. This is has been found to be especially beneficial in postmenopausal women. For everyone, though, muscle-strengthening activities can help maintain or increase muscle mass, improve strength, and your power, which could be helped along the way using protein and supplements from somewhere like Muscle Rage. This increase in strength, power, and muscle mass will help us all as we get older.

Strength training helps keep weight off

Activities like walking, cycling, and running are great to help us to burn calories and increase fitness levels. As a result, they can be great for weight loss and losing weight. Many people can forget that strength training works just as well too. Strength training helps to increase your metabolism, which means that you will burn more calories the more muscle that you have, when at rest. Your body can continue to burn calories after exercise too, as it will have a post-exercise oxygen consumption, which is one of the differences between strength training and aerobic exercise.

Strength training boosts energy and improves mood

Strength training is something that can lift your mood and increase the happy hormones in your body. All exercise helps to boost your mood, but strength training has been found to have a further impact on how good you feel, according to research. There is also evidence to suggest that strength training can help you to sleep better too, so there are a number of reasons why it is a good thing to have into your daily routine.