EuroVelo 1

EuroVelo 1: Team Vivi begin their cycle tour

Embarking on the French, Spanish and Portuguese sections of EuroVelo 1 (EV1) today, aptly named the Atlantic Coast Route, Vivi Nation team members Jack and Tim begin their venture as cycle tour first-timers. Starting from the bottom of the UK, they will follow the route all the way down to Portugal – please see the EuroVelo 1 route image below:

Eurovelo 1

About the route

With the EuroVelo dream still yet to be fully realised across Europe, EuroVelo 1 offers cyclists an incredible 750 mile (1,210k) route that connects Norway to the UK, and the UK with the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. Despite missing out on the Scandinavia and UK sections (due to travel), heading down the Atlantic Coast Route to the Algarve promises to be an incredible two-wheeled experience for both Tim and Jack.

EuroVelo 1 Algarve

The European Cycling Network, or EuroVelo, that connects Europe by 14 cycling routes (coordinated by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)) is a fantastic labyrinth for long-distance cycling. Perfect for commuting to work, cycle tours or for local use, the 14 EuroVelo routes have an estimated completion date of 2020. So expect more tours to follow but, for now, Jack and Tim begin with EuroVelo 1.

Keep posted for updates, pictures on our social media channels and the route review upon finishing. Good luck guys and have a great time.

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