Effective supplements for runners

Effective running is all about balance. You have to balance your energy levels with your ambitions, your pace against the clock; you have to balance your work schedule with your running routine, and of course, you have to balance your diet as well. Running burns up a lot of essential nutrients and proteins in the body that need replenishing regularly. If you do a lot of running, you will probably have to supplement the essentials to ensure that you don’t burn out.  


These little charged ions are essential in our bodies, especially for runners. The neurons in our brains communicate through chemical impulses in the cells; electrolytes facilitate this communication by creating a balance in the cells. Without the presence of electrolytes, the neurons cannot interact, which leads to muscle weakness, soreness, and fatigue. Unfortunately, electrolytes are lost from the body through sweat and tears; two things familiar to runners. They need to be continually replenished – usually with a supplement.   

Protein Supplements

If you’re under the impression that protein supplements are only for bodybuilders, then think again. When running, the muscles tear and break down in the same way as they would when lifting weights – albeit with different goals. Online personal trainers like Andy Griffiths recommend getting enough protein in your diet or your muscles will take longer to recover; this will affect the quality and intensity of your training regime. On average, runners require 1-1.6 grams of protein, per kilo, per day. If you’re below this level, consider topping up with supplementary shakes. 

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CBD oil is relatively new to the supplement range available for athletes and runners. It is, however, very beneficial, particularly for runners training for an event. In the same way that protein can help to repair musicals, CBD oil aids recovery times by relaxing the system post-workout and allowing the muscles to repair. That’s not all, CBD oil contributes to the endocannabinoid system and reduces soreness and inflammation in the muscles and joints. Using this supplement means runners can train harder and recover faster.    


A healthy athletic diet should always be accompanied by a regular intake of probiotics – daily if possible. Your gut is responsible for absorbing the nutrients from your food and distributing them to the necessary areas. Probiotics contain good bacteria that your gastrointestinal system needs to reduce the breakdown of your gut’s barrier. This breakdown can cause stomach problems like indigestion and lead to a reduction in essential nutrients. Maintain a healthy gut in your training regime, and it will pay off on the track.  

Vitamin B12

Known as the ‘stress’ vitamin, B12 is responsible for creating red blood cells and helping the body to respond to stress, whether mental, physical, or emotional. A reduction in vitamin B12 can lead to a lack of oxygen supply, fatigue, issues with balance, and emotional stability. If you’re an avid runner, then your body will be creating and using up more red blood cells than the average person – it becomes essential to supplement this vitamin in your runner’s diet.