Why bother stretching?

Stretching is one of those exercises that is often forgotten about, ignored or questioned. Next time you think about exercising without stretching, or feel that stretching has no value, think again! Have a look at what we have to say about why you should bother stretching.

Key reasons to stretch:

  • The exercise of each bone and muscle: it is very important for all the body muscles and bones to be stretched in order to keep them active. Anything left stationary for a prolonged period of time can lead to an increased chance of injury, tightness in the muscle or/and stress; therefore it is important to ensure all muscles and bones are kept active and oscillated. Stretching out not only allows the bones to expand and grow but also allows the muscles to keep supple alongside them. This helps prevent a lot of muscle fractures and similar injuries.
  • Improving performance: because stretching makes your muscles and bones strong and firm, they are protected from damage and injuries. It improves performance in athletes and physical activities due to the flexibility, mobility and increased circulation gained – meaning more power, more endurance and more physical prowess.
  • Blood flow: stretching enables the blood to flow rapidly over your entire body. When the blood flows spontaneously in the body, it improves other things such as hair growth; wound clotting, skin development, cell replacement and so on – pretty vital stuff! Furthermore, stretching also increases the metabolism rate of your body.¬†Due to improved circulation, the chances of heart problems are lowered, and the feel-good feeling of being relaxed and supple helps calm the mind.
  • Physicality improved: stretching does a lot for the physical aspects of your body. Not only is flexibility important to sports performance, but it also plays a big part in strengthening core muscles and improving technique. Recovery is an added plus as stretched muscles heal quicker. Add improved posture to the mix and you have quite a potent concoction of benefits.

So having read how important it is for the mind and body, and whether you stretch before/after physical activity or simply as part of a daily routine – just don’t forget about it! You will soon reap the rewards by improving muscle condition from stretching! Check out these tips from the NHS on stretching after exercise.

And if you want to really improve your flexibility, try Yoga. Read our blog on why you should try it here.

Chris Smith
Founder of Vivi Nation, sports enthusiast, occasional triathlete, keen cyclist and optimistic Liverpool FC fan.

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