What is Vivi Nation?

We are passionate about healthy living and active lifestyles. We want to encourage an active nation.

As a society, we are less active than ever before. It is estimated two-thirds of Brits will be obese or overweight by 2025. Additionally, diabetes has increased every year for the last decade and an estimated 4.5 million people have diabetes in the UK, whilst stress-related illnesses continue to rise.

We want to change this by building a community to encourage the nation to get physically active.

What do we offer?

Our main goal is to help you get active! We want to build a community of fellow runners, cyclist and healthy livers. As two of the most popular and effective exercise activities available, we focus on cycling and running as the two main exercises to get you active.

As part of growing a community to inspire an active nation, we also offer a range of affordable and high-quality clothing to help you get started, and look good doing it!

Our range of Vivi Fit subscription boxes, with both a cycling and a running nutritional box available, is designed to provide you with everything you need, every month, including: energy gels, protein snacks, hydration sachets, healthy snacks, inspiring stories and more! Our boxes are hand-picked for you and we partner with both new and established brands.

We are a growing startup with a team of people genuinely passionate about cycling, running and health, and we want to see people treat their bodies well and get healthy for the right reasons.


Through our blog and social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we’ll keep you up to date and informed with inspiring stories, research, advice, tips and tricks.


Keep posted for charity fundraisers, pop-up shops, monthly meets, Vivi-community challenges, and bespoke activity getaways for cycling, running and walking groups.

So, whether you just starting out cycling, running your tenth marathon, or simply want to lead a healthier, more active, lifestyle, we want to hear from you.

Vivi Nation – #JoinTheNation