tips to stay healthy in lockdown

5 ways to keep a healthy lifestyle during lockdown

Now more than ever we need to prioritise a healthy lifestyle, from our physical health and mental wellbeing to having a hygienic home. With these exercise, wellbeing, nutrition and organisation tips you can discover ways to stay healthy during lockdown.

1. Go running outside

There are many benefits to running outside. Of course, there are the physical benefits of exercise. And by exercising outdoors, you get the added benefits of fresh air, being surrounded by nature, and having a change of scene. The great thing about running is that you don’t need to invest in lots of expensive equipment or go to a gym to do it.

Fit in a run at whatever time suits you, but running in the morning offers extra benefits too. It kick-starts your metabolism and your brain, setting you up nicely for the rest of the day. Plus the temperatures are cooler, the air is fresher and pollution levels are lower. Running during lockdown can also give seasoned runners a fresh perspective.

2. Make home-cooked meals

Spending more time at home can provide an opportunity to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking meals from scratch. Preparing dishes with fresh ingredients, rather than relying on processed meals, can help boost your health. Cooking can also boost your mental wellbeing, with many of us finding it a relaxing pastime and a wonderful way to nurture our families.

Boost your immune system to help stay healthy with a well-balanced diet of fruit, veg, complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats. It’s also a good idea to explore nutrition tips to better understand what your body needs for fuel before, during and after exercise.

3. Get on your bike – whether indoors or out

Cycling is another great form of exercise that many more people are taking up during lockdown. Going for a bike ride outside gives you many of the same benefits as going for a run in the great outdoors. But you can also get your exercise fix indoors, when the weather’s not great, but using an exercise bike or turbo trainer instead.

4. Keep active while keeping hygienic

Looking after our home is an important part of staying healthy too – particularly during lockdown, when we’re all spending so much more time at home. Keeping everything clean and hygienic can help reduce the risk of viruses spreading.

Cleaning is also a good way to stay active, with tasks like moving around while vacuuming and reaching up high to dust providing a double whammy of health benefits. Swot up on cleaning tips for keeping surfaces hygienic, deep cleaning clothes and preventing viruses from spreading.

5. Make time to relax

Our mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health, and lockdown is certainly pushing our reserves to the limit. Now more than ever it’s crucial to take care of your mental health.

That means different things for different people, but if you’re not sure where to start, you might want to try meditation, yoga or breathing exercises to help lower stress levels. A long soak in a warm bath, or reading a book at bedtime, can also help you fall asleep more easily. A good night’s sleep is also a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle.

With these 5 tips, you can feel more equipped to keep a healthy lifestyle going, even during lockdown.