5 ways running improves your wellbeing

Exercise is medicine. For both body and mind, the immense benefits of regular fitness and workout exercises are well documented. Hundreds of scientific researches have gone to prove that regular running is accompanied by many health benefits that are almost unrivalled by any other form of medication.

Running is not only important to keep our lower body, legs and heart strong. In fact, running can help prevent and manage diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems and obesity. Running also reduces the risk strokes, accumulation of stress, hypertension and high blood pressure. Even more, the impacts on mental and emotional health, as well as the overall quality of life, is immense.

Still wondering how much running can do? Here are 5 amazing ways running benefits your body:

Lifts your mood and mental energy

If you work out regularly, then this would not come as a surprise to you. No matter how you feel before taking a run, you’re sure to feel better after. And the proof is in the science, so it’s not just one of those things people say. Here’s how it works: When you workout, you experience a rush of some mood-lifting hormones called endorphins and endocannabinoids.

Exercise has a calming effect that helps you beat even the most massive depressions and is a great way to tackle anxiety. Running in particular allows the body to dissipate stress and is a great way to boost confidence.

When you consider how much Running can help you handle stress, you begin to understand the benefits in terms of better sleep and appetite and the lower rates of headaches that you’d be getting.

Prevent diseases

We already highlighted some of these in the introduction to this article, but let’s discuss a little more. Have you ever wondered why its always “A run for breast cancer?” This is simply because running actually helps in lowering the risk of breast cancer in women. Even Medical Experts recommend running on a treadmill or for long distances to help reduce the symptoms of illness in diabetics and people suffering from high blood pressure.

When you run, you help your arteries retain their elasticity and force your heart to work at more effective levels. This helps to reduce the chances of heart attack significantly. 

More life

Running does not just improve the quality of life, it adds years to it. A study made in the PLOS Medicine journal reports that running can improve the mortality of a regular exerciser. In the study, several people with different lifestyles were subject, and the results showed that running can add up to 4 years to the lives of Smokers, while Non-Smokers could live 3 extra years. For people with terminal diseases like Cancer, the study showed that survivors extended their life span by 5 years plus while people with heart diseases can get up to 4 years more.

Weight loss

This should come as no surprise. Running and every other form of physical exercises are great ways to stay in shape. Running is one of the best forms of exercise to help you shed those pounds and keep a trim body. Asides from cross-country skiing, no other exercise is as effective as running for burning off extra calories.

When you combine running with other weight loss techniques such as dieting, you’ll be greeted with tremendous results for all your efforts.

Strengthens knees, joints and bones

Running increases your bones mass and strength. This exercise also helps to curtail the effects of ageing in terms of bone loss. While some people may casually say running is bad for your knees, Science has actually shown that knee health is improved by running and risk of osteoarthritis is reduced. Running builds the legs and laps which are the primary means of supporting upper body weight.

Cultivating a habit of regular running and exercising may seem challenging at first, but with the right set of dedication and discipline, you’ll definitely build a health-benefitting routine soon. To make your running experience even better, be sure to have the right kits, clothing and shoes, as this is very essential to maximizing workouts and preventing injuries. Click here to check out our running tops.