benefits of cycling

5 benefits of cycling to convince you to start

Cycling has a lot of wide-ranging benefits, from escaping bad traffic to saving money you would have spent on fuel. If you aren’t sure whether you should get into cycling, here are five more benefits of cycling that will convince you to get on a bike. 

Boosts energy levels 

As you get fitter and your cardio improves, so will your levels of energy. Cycling regularly is an easy way to quickly increase your productivity, general alertness and overall energy.

Improves wellbeing

Cycling, as with all physical activity, triggers the release of endorphins (known as the ‘feel-good’ chemicals) into your brain. These chemicals help improve your mood and counter stress.

Aides weight loss

Apart from the obvious cardio gains, cycling burns roughly 300 calories per hour. Combined with good nutrition, cycling will help you shed unwanted pounds. If you want really up the ante and send your metabolism into overdrive, try spinning! 


Cycling is an environment-friendly method of transport. You can help to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases if you start cycling instead of driving.

Lowers the risk of health issues 

As one of the most accessible sports going, cycling is great for lowering the risk of health-related issues. Regularly cycling significantly helps reduce the risk of heart problems, cancer and obesity. 

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